Washington DC

SAATH strongly condemns the vicious campaign against Professor Arfana Mallah for her support of Professor Sajid Soomro. It is pertinent to note that fanatic mullahs singled her out even though so many others also issued supporting statements for Professor Sajid Soomro. Apparently, because of her progressive views and bold action for organizing ‘Aurat March’ in Sukkur in March 2020. At that time, JUI (F) was against the march, and she, along with her network of friends, organized a triumphant rally in northern Sindh. Now, JUI (F), along with other extremist religious parties have started a public campaign in Hyderabad and she and her family have been receiving death threats.

We demand from the Sindh government to provide security to her and take action against political and religious groups and parties who are behind this dangerous campaign.

Sindh is the land of Sufi, where tolerance for all the religions is paramount and the provincial and federal governments should make sure not to allow any conspiracy to destroy the basic fabric of Sindhi society.